Marat Maayan

Founder & CEO

Marat is an expert in the establishment of units and infrastructures and emergency situations, chemical terrorism and business continuity with 27 years of experience in the IDF.

Gil Tomer

Chief Operating Officer

An experienced multidisciplinary executive with a demonstrated history of entrepreneurship, leadership and value creation. 

Joseph is an aerospace and multidisciplinary systems expert with decades of industrial and military experience.

Joseph Kudish


Ami is a business, marketing and financing specialist for technology companies. He is the former head of the budget department at the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel.

Ami Griba

VP Business Development

Danny Rosenfeld

Deputy CEO and Member of Board of Directors

Danny is a commercial, sales, and business development executive. He has more than 10 years of experience in R&D for the Enterprise, Government, and SMB sectors.

Dan Or-Hof

Member of Board of Directors

Dan is a US and Israeli licensed lawyer with extensive experience in Tech & IP law.

Amir Shachar

Member of Board of Directors

Amir is a senior management member and Finance Director in one of the biggest companies in the Israeli Defense Industry. He has wide experience in business development.



Dr. Uri Stoin

Chief Chemist

Dr. Uri Stoin is an expert in Environmental Chemistry, and partner in the development of formulas for the treatment of soil, water and air pollution.

Shimon Romach

Advisory Council

Shimon Romach is  the former head of the National Fire and Rescue Commission. He spent 23 years as a senior counter-terrorism officer in the office of the prime minister.

Prof. Yoel Sasson

Senior Scientific Advisor

Yoel Sasson is a Professor of Applied Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has published 250 articles and reviews and has 45 patents in these fields.


Salamandra Zone is an innovative Air-Tech company which provides original, patented air purification solutions. Through over 15 years of cooperative research with top scientists at Hebrew University, Salamandra invented an oxidizing chemical reaction that consumes toxic and poisonous gasses and converts them into safe and breathable air. This revolutionary technology addresses air treatment needs in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.



Salamandra Zone develops air purification technologies that saves lives and improves respiratory health to ensure breathable safe indoor air in our cities around the world.



Real time, active, on-demand air purifying system

The World Health Organization estimates that 90% of world's population is exposed to dangerous levels of pollution, and that 8.8 million people die every year from respiratory illnesses resulting from air pollution. Indoor Air Quality levels are affected by emissions within the home, outside air pollution and even the human residents.  For the first time, gas levels in commercial and residential properties can be measured, treated and balanced with the Home-Air product; a one of a kind air treatment technology that uses Salamandra Zone’s patented chemical reaction to convert all gases and biological indoor air threats into safe and breathable air.



Lifesaving emergency air treatment

More than 80% of people killed in fires die from smoke inhalation. In high-rise buildings, firefighters struggle to reach above the 8th floor and elevators stop working completely during a fire, further trapping residents in critical conditions. No Longer. The B-Air product from Salamandra Zone, fully tested and proven by the successfully tested by the UL in Chicago, provides a sealed, oxygen-infused safe zone in each floor’s elevator lobby by converting the incoming smoke into cooled and breathable air. Crucially, this enables the elevators to remain functional during an evacuation. In case of fire, use the elevator.



Salamandra Zone is looking for partners to manufacture and distribute the Home-Air and B-Air as well as investors to drive further product development in industries where toxic and greenhouse gas conversion is needed such as in Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Shipping.