C - AIR 

Ensure industrial and community safety

The C-Air technology purifies industrial pollutants and emissions and creates a safe respiration space that ensures survival during disasters and fires.  Successfully tested at the UL in Chicago, the C-Air won the prestigious phase 1 SME grant from the EU’s Horizon 2020 competition and now pursues phase 2. 

Learn how the C-Air addresses the safety needs in control centers, industrial zones and transportation.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizion 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 835880.


Control center

Supporting safe real-time recovery

The heart of any operation is the control room. With Salamandra Zone’s C-Air, the control center is automatically isolated and safeguarded from disaster or fire-related danger, allowing the room’s occupants to immediately implement recovery plans, while minimizing damage.

Industrial zones

Protecting residential communities

Industry finds itself closer to the places where people live.  This is a challenge and a threat, both to the lives of families and individuals, and to the sheer viability of industrial production. Salamandra Zone’s treatment system detects the toxic gas leaks, then it treats, converts and purifies the air output.

Safely contain, store and transport dangerous gases


When hazardous gas is on the move, there is a invisible but dangerous threat of gas leaks.

The Salamandra Zone air treatment system can ensure the safety of your community when hazardous gases are in transit through the use of purifiers and optical gas detectors. Any gas leak is automatically contained and the entire volume purified within 90 minutes.

Salamandra Zone is an innovative Air-Tech company which provides original, patented air purification solutions. Through over 15 years of cooperative research with top scientists at Hebrew University, Salamandra invented an oxidizing chemical reaction that consumes toxic and poisonous gasses and converts them into safe and breathable air. This revolutionary technology addresses air treatment needs in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

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