Salamandra Zone’s indoor air treatment focuses on occupant’s health and efficiency. Each workspace is monitored through a unique multi-sensor that communicates with the docking unit that can be operated straight from your smartphone.  When one of the sensors reads an unusual level of pollution, the purifying unit calculates the fastest course to the location and heads out to purify the office.

The polluted air runs through the Com-Air purifying unit, is filtered, then processed-neutralizing 99.6% of all pollutants.  Breathing fresh, balanced air is healthier and proven to enhance vitality & efficiency.  With Com-Air you have the power to provide your employees with the cleanest, and safest AIR.


Who does this effect?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) effects all building occupants. 


High levels of CO2 and polluted air which enter buildings through the HVAC systems are realities of the modern workplace.  Recently, more emphasis is being placed on “building health” ratings. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 90% of world's population is exposed to dangerous levels of pollution, and that 8.8 million people die every year from respiratory illnesses resulting from air pollution.

IAQ refers to the quality of air within homes, buildings, and transportation vehicles. If perhaps in the past indoor air quality was taken for granted and indoor conditions equated with a safe environment, today we know that this is far from the reality. Studies from the EPA have shown that indoor concentrations of air pollutants can be 2 to 5 times as high as in the outdoors, and health effects associated with poor IAQ range from headaches and dizziness to respiratory diseases, heart disease and cancer. Indoor air quality levels are affected by emissions within the home, outdoor pollutants, allergens, bacteria, mold and other biological contaminants


Salamandra Zone is an innovative Air-Tech company which provides original, patented air purification solutions. Through over 15 years of cooperative research with top scientists at Hebrew University, Salamandra invented an oxidizing chemical reaction that consumes toxic and poisonous gasses and converts them into safe and breathable air. This revolutionary technology addresses air treatment needs in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

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