New Problems Need 

New Solutions


Industrial Zones Come Closer to Residential Areas

Look at the growth of cities in the past half century.


Once there was a clear separation, now industry finds itself close to the places where people live. 


This is a challenge and a threat, both to the lives of families and individuals, and to the sheer viability of industrial production.


No community needs to be menaced by pollution and the escape of lethal gas.   And few businesses could survive the legal and financial consequences that a dangerous gas leak would cause.

Hazardous Gases

When hazardous gas is on the move, there is danger for everyone. 


Let’s imagine a container with canisters of toxic gas arriving at a port for onward distribution. Firstly there is a contamination risk to the port area as a whole. Economic damage in stopping port activity can reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

Then, once placed on a truck travelling through residential areas, the threat widens to affect the general community. One accident, one leak could spell disaster.